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Our Family knows what Your Family needs, especially while your on the go!

(Left to right: Adam Currie, Abbey Currie, Pat Currie and Matthew Currie)

Pick up essential items quickly

Stop by and see us to get your fuel, snacks, pop, Subway sandwiches, and more! We even carry a variety of essential grocery items so you can avoid the long lines at the big box stores. Kids also get entertained at the same time. And don't forget to grab one of our handmade pizzas. They're perfect for those busy nights where cooking just isn't an option.

Convenience store items include


•  Hilhof Organic Milk (Regular, Chocolate, Cream, etc)

•  Farm Fresh Eggs

•  GT's Kombucha

•  Ezekial Bread (English Muffins, Taco Shells, etc.)

•  Ebels meats - ground beef, steaks, brats, and more

•  Milk, eggs, bread, flour, sugar, and more

•  Fresh pizza by the slice

•  Take-home pizzas

•  Lottery tickets

•  SUBWAY Sandwiches

•  Deer Bait - Seasonal

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Since 1948


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Need something more than just milk and eggs? We are a full-service & self-service gas station that also offers

radiator service and auto repairs.  We also accept EBT.

We've been making the pick-up of essential items convenient since 1948. Because we are locally owned, we understand that we simply would not be here without you, our customers.

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